What is Excel Test Zone?

Excel Test Zone (ETZ) is Australia’s No. 1 online test practice site—easily accessible across all digital devices! 

We have been helping students in Years 3 to 9 prepare for NAPLAN Tests, Selective School Tests, Opportunity Class Tests and Scholarship Tests since 2009. Online test practice will help your child learn to manage their time, stay calm and build their confidence before the real tests.

Excel Test Zone Test Packs are also used for general practice throughout the year to improve in key subjects!

Each of our Test Packs contains hundreds of tests prepared by a team of qualified test preparation experts, with thousands of engaging practice questions. Within each Test Pack, there are detailed explanations for each question, allowing students to learn as they go.

Main Benefits and Features:

  • Mobile-friendly & all device compatible
  • 365 day-access for homework or study revision
  • An easy platform where children can practise tests on their own
  • Detailed explanations and worked solutions for all questions
  • Simple dashboard for parents to track their child’s progress
  • A convenient way to track students' performance and assess their position against the National Average
  • Students gain confidence by improving their Literacy, Numeracy and Writing Skills
  • Instant results and automated reports

School Site Licenses are available for all packs for any number of students. Teachers can see reports on their whole class at a glance and drill down to individual student results. These are another great tool for parent-teacher interviews.

We also provide Assessment Tests for years 1 – 6, aligning to ACARA codes in the current curriculum. These are a great tool for schools and teachers to easily assess skill levels of their students, and identify any gaps in learning. Reports are available at your fingertips and student level.

For more details on School site licenses CLICK HERE.

Excel Test Zone is designed by the same experienced educators behind Excel Workbooks and Study Guides, which have helped students excel in their studies for over 30 years! Popular series include Excel Basic Skills, Excel Essential Skills, Excel HSC Study Guides, Excel NAPLAN*-style Tests and much more. Click HERE to view our range.

Are the Test Packs helpful throughout the whole school year?

Yes, the Test Packs include practice in key subjects such as Literacy and Numeracy, creating a perfect tool for general practice throughout the year to improve in fundamental subjects and prepare for other school tests or quizzes. Try implementing practice tests during your child’s weekly homework or study routine, as they can redo tests as many times as they like!

Are Excel Test Zone questions the same as in the Excel Test Workbooks?

They are completely different questions. As Excel Test Zone is designed to be used in conjunction with the Excel Test Workbooks, all questions have been written to match the formats used in the real tests.

Where can I find more detailed information about the NAPLAN, Opportunity Class, Selective Schools and Scholarship Tests?

For more information, select a link below:

  • Opportunity Class:
  • Selective School
  • Scholarship:

Where can I find more detailed information about the Assessment Tests?

Please click HERE for more information about the Assessment tests.

What does 'Rank' mean within the test reports?

Excel Test Zone is not only designed to prepare students for tests but also to give them the opportunity to see how their results compare to other students Australia-wide as they complete each test.

FREE 7-Day Trial

What is included in the FREE 7-Day Trial?

Each of our FREE 7-Day Trials includes selected tests from the actual testpacks, allowing you to experience all of the features free for 7 days!

Each trial pack contains tests from easy, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as a sample test for relevant packs. You can try the selected tests as often as you like within the trial period.

Please note: Maximum 3 FREE 7-Day Trials per annum.

How do I get started with the FREE 7-Day Trial after creating an Account?

Once you have logged into your parent account, you need to allocate the FREE 7-Day Trial to your child/student.

Learn how to allocate your Test Pack by watching this short video tutorial:

Are fully worked solutions provided with the FREE 7-Day Trial?

Yes! The free trial pack contains a limited number of tests but with the full functionality of the Excel Test Zone platform.

Purchasing a Test Pack

How can I purchase a Full Test Pack?

To purchase a full Test Pack, simply:

  • Register a new Excel Test Zone account or log-in to your existing account.
  • Select the Test Pack you would like for your child.
  • Follow the prompts and finalise your payment.
  • Your new Test Pack will show in your Test Pack Dashboard when you log in.

Why is my Coupon Code not working?​

For Coupon Code issues, please try the following:

  • Please double-check your credit card details. They may not be entered correctly.
  • Please reattempt your order using the Coupon Code in uppercase with no spaces.
  • Please ensure you are redeeming the Coupon Code via the Excel Test Zone website. 
  • ​Check if the coupon code is typed incorrectly, as all Coupon Codes are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as advertised.  
  • Check the expiry date of your Coupon Code via the communication channel in which it was advertised.

For further assistance, please Contact Us 

I have an access code from an Excel book. Will it work?

Excel Test Zone has previously published 'one month's free access' codes in Excel titles. These access codes allowed trial access to a previous version of Excel Test Zone. They have not been printed for more than two years and are no longer valid or operational.

To try out Excel Test Zone please use our FREE 7-Day Trial

Can I extend a Test Pack instead of it expiring?

No. All of our Test Packs are only available with 365-Day access, with no auto-renew and no extensions. You can simply purchase a new testpack to continue practising, and may be ready to advance to the next level.

Technical Issues 

What to do if the screen freezes, the page loads slowly or tests aren't successfully submitted?

For optimum use of Excel Test Zone, it is recommended that you:

  • archive any expired Test Packs—these may cause loading delays
  • clear your browsing history (cache/cookies) as this can help your browser load the website faster (Click here for instructions). 
  • refresh the Excel Test Zone page or try a hard reset by holding down the keys Cltr+Shift+R (Windows).
  • try a different browser, such as Google Chrome. 
  • advise your child to access their Test Pack using their unique login details—this loads straight to the child's dashboard and can be faster.

Still experiencing issues? Please Contact Us

Why can't I find an Excel Test Zone App?

The Excel Test Zone App is no longer being supported and is therefore unavailable for new customers. The App is no longer available to download from App stores as of July 2022. The Excel Test Zone website is Mobile-Friendly & All Device Compatible.

I have clicked 'forgot your password?'  button, but haven't received an email. What do I do?

If you have forgotten your password and attempted to receive a reset your password email, please check the following:

  • Ensure you have entered the correct email address or username that is associated with an Excel Test Zone account
  • Check your spam/junk email inbox, as the reset password email has landed there

If you are still having difficulty resetting your password, please Contact Us

Test Pack Support

How do I allocate a Test Pack to my child/student?

Once you have logged into your account, you will see your Parent Dashboard with an ALERT, notifying you of any unallocated Test Pack(s). The notification will stay showing in your dashboard until you have allocated all Full Test Packs and/or FREE 7-Day Trials whether they have expired or not.

Learn how to allocate your Test Pack by watching this short video tutorial:

Can I add more than one student to a Test Pack?

No, you are only able to add one student per Test Pack. Once you have allocated your Test Pack to a student, it cannot be re-allocated, although you can change a student's name, username and password within the 'Student' page if required.

How do I archive or restore an archived Test Pack?

Once you have logged into your Parent account, click on the 'Test Packs' page.

  • Select Test Pack name.
  • Either RESTORE or ARCHIVE the chosen Test Pack.

How can I view/change a child's name, username or password?

To change a child's name, username or password:

  • Once you have logged into your Parent account, click on the 'Students' page.
  • Find the student that you need to view or update.
  • Click the 'Edit' button.
  • Edit your child's account details.
  • Click 'Save'.

Where can I find student reports?

There are a few ways to view a student's report. The most simple way is to:

  • Click on the 'Students' page.
  • Choose from the list of students and click on 'View Report'.

Can I still view Test Results if a Test Pack expires?

All test results and reports will stay saved within expired Test Packs and you can simply sign in to your account to view them. You can archive and restore expired Test Packs at any time.

Test Pack Content

Do the Tests change regularly?

Tests are updated whenever there are changes to the test formats or question types. Our highly experienced authors have written thousands of carefully graded questions that closely match the format and style of questions that students will see in the actual NAPLAN Tests, NSW Opportunity Class Placement Tests, NSW Selective High School Placement Test and ACER Scholarship tests.

Please note that questions are not past test paper questions; they are completely new questions that are based closely on the type of questions students will face in the actual tests they are preparing for.

My child/student has finished all tests in the Test Pack. What now?

Our Full Test Packs allow access for 365 days. All questions within the Test Packs are effective revision throughout the year. We encourage students to repeat all tests in order to improve in key subjects and in preparation for exams. You also have the option to purchase the next Year level to test your child’s skills for the upcoming school year! All you need to do is add another Test Pack to your Dashboard. Click here to view the Test Packs.

Will the Writing Tests be marked?


No, but we provide tips on how to approach the Writing Tests and model responses to show students the standard to aim for. 

For any further queries please Contact Us